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How do you know

what you owe

Is what

you owe?

80% of medical bills contain errors

Are You Unsure Of Out Of Pocket Costs, Deductibles, And


Confused By Complicated Statements, Medical Jargon And Billing Codes?

Do Your Bills Seem Outrageously High Even If You Have Insurance?

Are You Puzzled By “In Network” And “Out Of Network” Services?

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If any of these scenarios describe your medical bill situation,

you understandably need help! In many cases – people do not know where to turn for assistance. Let Big Medical Bills become the advocates you are looking for. Our professional staff consists of knowledgeable experts who have many years of experience working in the medical billing industry.

We can review all of your medical bills, research all of the charges and billing codes and resolve many of your outstanding issues. We take the time to meticulously review every charge, service and medical billing code to ensure that you are being properly billed. If we find a discrepancy –

we help you to get it corrected.

We are a Patient Advocacy Firm 

committed to results

Big Medical Bills was established by professional medical billers and certified

coders who have worked for many years in the medical billing industry.  We have the knowledge and expertise to comprehensively analyze and totally scrutinize all your medical bills to ensure correctness and accuracy.

We work with our clients to ensure that they are being billed properly, that all proper insurance is applied to their services, and to make sure that they are not being overcharged. We look for every opportunity to reduce the cost of your medical bills. We are proud to be true advocates that strive to assist each and every one of our clients.

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